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When Will It Be My Turn

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Jim and Mike recorded this originally in a live studio setting. Huge problem with the recording caused the project to be abandoned until one day Jim was experimenting with trying to recover and found a way to do it. Then with the addition of Bass (jim Moffatt) electric guitar for color ( Evert, JIm and Gord) and patience the result is this track.


When Will It BE My Turn

Hanging on the wall, heralds of the past
Pictures of a lifetime, posting of success
Images and colors, ingots to my dreams
Faded cracked and broken, it's never what it seems

Reaching in the nightstand, dollars of lose change.
Roll down to the corner, Dolly ease my pain.

Leaning on a window, looking at the street.
Watch the people passing, wondering who I'd meet.
Ladies on the corner, lead my pain away.
Willing for the dollars, when she's done she walks away.

Aching for a lover. Who will love me for all time.
Ask myself this question, When will it be my turn?


Evil in the darkness. Hiding from the light.
Aiming for perfection, as they stock, their selection, In the night.....

Guitar Solo

Lovers walk away, left heartbroken in their path.
Nothing left to say. Except. When will it be my turn?
When will it be my turn?
When will it be my turn?
My turn?
My turn.....