1. Bluesman

From the recording Jim Moffatt at Crystal Gardens

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JIm Moffatt on guitar and vocals
Sound Engineer is Jake Galbraith
Re mixed and mastered by Jim Moffatt at
UpPerRoOm Studios


Honey I'm a Blues-man I was born a Blues-man son and I've been running from the music, but now the running’s done. I held those words within me and you know it tore my soul but the music would not ever let me go.

(1st verse )
Babe you know I love you and I'd hate to see you go but the music's really got me got my heart and got my soul. Well I ain't got a living girl no I ain't got a dime but the musics got me more and more all the time.


(2nd verse)
Darling if you left me oh I know what I would do. Oh I'd sit myself right down write a song and dedicate it all to you. Sit down and write a song and it would make you feel so blue. What else you expect a Blues-man to do.


(chorus sang blues style)

(chorus change last lines to...)

Well the music babe would never let me go
Like the music girl I may never let you go

Blues-man © Jim Moffatt 1982